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Yvette Stanton is an Australian embroiderer, embroidery designer, embroidery teacher, embroidery book author and embroidery historian. She specialises particularly in whitework embroidery, and having written two stitch dictionaries, she knows a lot of stitches! Yvette is a left-hander, and teaches both left- and right-handed students.


What Yvette's students say about her classes 

Loved the workshop in total! Loved the content, the way you taught, your calm laid-back manner, your respect for each person's individual problems and speed of understanding -- the fact you were approachable every time and didn't lose patience. You are lovely inside and out, and I would do a class with you anytime!
I found the class very uplifting. Yvette had time for everyone, at our own speed of working, and there was always an encouraging word for everyone's work, even if later she made a very discreet suggestion to try some other way for doing a stitch. The confidence I gained at this course was wonderful, as I now find that I am willing to try just about any surface stitch. I can also see where learning these stitches will take me further with surface stitchery in the future -- the use of different threads and stitches which can be used to give different effects. Thanks Yvette.
Thank you Yvette, loved the workshop: your patience for teaching us as individuals, as there was much to learn for many of us, and all of us find different things easy or hard. You respected that. I also loved having so many finished pieces to look on as a learning tool and inspiration.

Frequently asked questions

What supplies do I need for the class?

Because having the right materials is part of the learning process, we supply kits for our classes so that all students are working with the same things. If there is a class that is an exception to this, it will be noted in the class description. As well as that, we recommend sharp, fine pointed embroidery scissors, an embroidery hoop (preferably on a stand), and magnification. Some classes have other specific requirements. If this is the case, you will be notified when you enrol.

Does it matter if I've never done embroidery before?

Our classes are often designed to be stand alone classes, so if you've never done embroidery before, that's ok! However, some level of embroidery experience will usually be helpful.

If there is prerequisite knowledge required for your class, that will be stated in the class description. If you do not have the prerequisite knowledge, you should not enrol in the class. If you are unsure, contact Yvette.

What technology devices do I need for the class?

We recommend viewing the class videos on a computer or tablet rather than a phone. You will need to be able to see the detail of what is being shown, as large as possible. It is advantageous to have a digital camera (a phone is fine) so that you can send Yvette non-blurry photos of your progress, in case you'd like her to check anything.

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